My History

My Training


Mother of a toddler


Postpartum Doula │ Childbirth International


Breastfeeding Counselor │ Childbirth International

Traditional Mexican Rebozo Massage │ Traditional Mexican Midwife Guadalupe Trueba


Baby-Carrying training for healthcare professionals. Babywearing consultant │ Die Trageschule


Joimove Dance Teacher │ Joimove International

Shantala Baby Massage and Basic Baby Massage │ Mexican Association of therapeutic Massage Professionals

Maternal Mental Health │ Postpartum Support International


Reclaim the Postpartum │ Layla B. Doula



Hello, I am Lili Boesen. I am Mexican, and I live in Copenhagen with my family. I met my husband in 2011 while living in Mexico, and after a 3-year long-distance relationship, we got married and moved to Denmark in 2014. I decided to adopt my husband’s last name as a way to thank my new country.

I am Microbiologist (Mexico), and I have a Master in Business Management (USA). After a long time working for different companies and teaching entrepreneurs, I spent many months volunteering with a Danish Non-Profit Organization, where I decided I wanted to focus my life for a social project and support others. 

As an expat (immigrant) mother, I had the experience to having my baby away from my close friends and family. It was during this time I was diagnosed with Perinatal Anxiety (Severe Anxiety during pregnancy and postpartum), which made the journey even harder.  After a long recovery, I decided to become a Doula, reconnect with my Mexican roots and help other women in similar situations.
For the last couple of years, I dedicated myself to earn the correspondent certifications as a Postpartum Doula, Breastfeeding/Lactation Counselor and more. I also had the incredible honour to learn in Mexico from Traditional Midwives the art of the rebozo and how to honour and care of the mother during the first 40 days after baby’s birth. 

Moreover, as part of my healing process, I rediscover my love for photography and dancing. This is the reason why I include these services, as I have prepared myself professionally for offering them.
It is my main commitment to keep myself updated on the latest information available and offer services that promote physical and mental family health.