Traditional Mexican Doula


Taking care of the mother's body and enjoying the first moments with your baby is crucial to establish the bonding between parents and baby from the first hours after the baby's birth.


In traditional cultures, like in Mexico, there is a period called "Cuarentena" which means "The First 40 days". During this time we are surrounded by women who teach us and help us with what is necessary. Normally, is the mother's mother who leads this and arranges for other women also to join her in order to share experiences and support the new parents. 


Moreover, during this first 40 days, we celebrate the birth by also taking care of the mother with nutritious food, massages, special baths, supporting her body with a special binding and more. The mother has just brought a new life to the world and she deserves to be treated like a queen!


If you invite me to be part of your tribe, I will accompany you through your first parenting moments. I will honor you with traditional mexican services but also offer you up-to-date information and support with Newborn Care and Breastfeeding. I will also take my time to teach your partner, answer his doubts, and help him to grow his bonding with the baby and how he can help you and honor you. 


I offer support during pregnancy, birth (online), and postpartum.

My goal is for you to feel relaxed and supported when expecting your baby, during birth, and the first weeks as a parent.

During pregnancy, we do weekly checkups and it includes a rebozo massage workshop for learning the rebozo techniques during pregnancy and birth.

During the birth I support you ONLINE* with motivation, answering questions, helping understanding the procedures, and remember your coping and relaxation techniques. 

During the first weeks with your baby, we do weekly checkups, I support you with lactation counseling, newborn care, relaxation techniques, and coping with the first parenthood challenges. 

*Online support because for now I am taking care of small humans and I cannot leave my house for attending births. 

Natural Ultrasound

in collaboration with artist Peperina Magenta

A beautiful bonding experience where we learn how is your baby located on your belly and make a body painted projection.

For couples we invite the father to draw next to the artist and talk about the challenges of parenthood.

If you invite your girl friends, we will make a blessingway ceremony (woman circle) to honor you motherhood journey. Perfect for baby showers!

Rebozo Massage

The rebozo is a Mexican long cotton scarf that has been used for centuries as a tool for Mexican doulas and midwives to support the mother. 

You can get a private pregnancy massage session or I can teach your partner how to do it, so you have unlimited support at home.


The service is at your home.

"Cerrada" - Closing Ceremony

After birth, the first 40 days are known as "La cuarentena" and is a time for the mother and the baby to know each other, adapting to the new life and heal from birth. 

After this period, the mother recieve a special ceremony to welcome her into motherhood known as "La cerrada"

The ceremony includes a massage, a special herbal bath and a rebozo massage where we tie the rebozos on the body to close it. The ceremony is made at your home.

This ceremony can also be performed for whenever there has been a life experience that needs closure, for example after finishing the breastfeeding journey, after a miscarriage, after an abortion or a duel.

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