First Aid Workshop For Parents

The First Aid Workshop for parents is organized in collaboration with Førsthjæ by Toni Mathiesen. During 2019, we organized 4 workshops and support more than 50 parents to learn the First Aid techniques necessaries to help their babies and toddlers in case of emergencies.


Toni Mathiesen has been teaching First Aid in Denmark since 1986 and it is certified by the Danish First Aid Association. He offers classes al over the country for different organizations. He is an educated senior sergeant and nurse in the Danish Armed Forces Medical Corps.

I have worked with Tony the past year to design the First Aid workshop for parents (in English), to provide a useful and practical class to future and new parents to learn how to react and offer first aid to their children (and others) in case of different potentially dangerous situations.

This 3-hour class includes:


The four main points of first aid

Stop the accident - approach safely

Checking state of consciousness

The A-B-C System (Airway – Breathing – Circulation)

Trouble breathing - foreign body objects

CPR - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

The chain of survival

The recovery position

How and when to call emergency services

Poisoning and chemical burns

Burns and scalds



Psychological first aid


(Waiting list only)

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