The Mexican Way

Professional support for modern parents

based on Mexican traditions and the

latest evidence-based research

Online and On-site Doula Services

Evidence - based information combined with ancient mexican knowledge to provide the best experience from both worlds. The warmth of the Traditional Mexican mother care, the colors, art and flavours of mexican culture in a perfect combination with the latest scientific research and physical and mental health care for future parents.


Pregnant Belly

Prenatal Education

"Mexican Mom" Pregnancy Care


Online Birth Support

Lactation Counselor

"Mexican Mom" Postpartum Care

Knowledgeable and caring

"I can recommend Lili as a Postpartum Doula - her knowledgeable and caring approach was very helpful during the first few weeks with our newborn. Particularly as an expat without family in Copenhagen. I was more relaxed knowing she could help with the new world of breastfeeding and caring for our newborn."

(C) Doula Lili Boesen

The importance of having extra support

Adding a Doula to the parent's support network offers great benefits. The Doula is a constant reliable figure that offers information and empowers the parents to advocate for the birth they are hoping for. The personalized information provided by doulas during pregnancy, birth, and after birth reduces anxiety and the need for many clinical interventions.


It also provides a sense of belonging and maternal support in case the parents are away from their communities.  

Gruber, K. J., Cupito, S. H., & Dobson, C. F. (2013). Impact of doulas on healthy birth outcomes. The Journal of perinatal education, 22(1), 49–58.

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