Postpartum Ceremony


To celebrate the first 40 days as a mother, Mexican traditional midwives offer a very special ceremony. It is commonly known as "Ceremonia del Cierre" or "Closing Ceremony". This is a beautiful ceremony full of care for the mother's mind and body with the use of traditional herbs baths and rebozo massage. On this way, the mother is officially moving forward from birth and into the world as a mother. This ceremony is done after the mother's first 40 days of postpartum (between 6 - 8 weeks)


With the blessing of Traditional Mexican Doulas, I have adapted this ceremony and combined it with a Birth Story Healing Session.


This means, you are not only pampered with a postpartum rebozo massage and a full body closure but also we will have a reflective exercise where we talk about your birth experience and I help you process and heal. A special tea, delicious snacks and aromatherapy are included in the ceremony. 


This is a beautiful way to welcoming your motherhood.



Closing ceremony

A 2.5 hrs ceremony at a special location (Childcare included if you want to bring your baby for breastfeeding)


It includes:

 - A Birth Story healing session with aromatherapy, foot bath with a special mix of salts and herbs. A Tea selection especially for you and healthy snacks.

- A traditional rebozo massage for calming back and neck pain after the birth healing session.

- A traditional Mexican Closing Ceremony Massage with Rebozo to welcome you to motherhood.

- A special gift to extend the benefits of the session at home.


We can pause at any time in case you need to breastfeed. 

We can also make the ceremony at your home in case you feel more comfortable in there. 

*Add 200 kr if you need a babysitting service

1000 kr