Basic Workshops

Rebozo Massage_edited.jpg

Rebozo Massage

( 1 . 5 hrs)

To comfort the mom before, during and after birth using a traditional Mexican technique

Private: 700 kr

Groups: 500 kr/per couple 

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Mindful Baby Massage

( 1 . 5 hrs) 

Learn a beautiful traditional technique to awake baby's body and mind 

Private: 550 kr

Groups: 350 kr/per couple 

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Fast Track

Postpartum Guide

(4 hrs)

For Parents who want a fast track to learn the basics of: Mother Care, Newborn care and Breastfeeding for the first weeks after birth

Private: 1400 kr

Groups: 800 kr/per couple

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Birth Preparation (12 hrs)

A comprehensive birth preparation with evidence-based information and relaxation techniques (including rebozo massage)

Private Classes: 4000 kr

In a group: 2500 kr

This Birth Preparation class is designed to prepare both parents for their baby´s arrival and first days. It also considers different techniques to relax and communicate during pregnancy, birth and the first months as new parents.

  • A basic introduction to the pregnancy, birth and postpartum from a biological perspective

  • Giving Birth in Denmark

  • Breathing and mind relaxation techniques for the entire process

  • Rebozo Massage and Dance Theory for comforting the mother during pregnancy, birth and postpartum

  • How to care for your newborn from the beginning, including changing diapers

  • Breastfeeding basics

  • Postpartum care for both parents

The Birth and Postpartum Preparation includes support via email (up to first 40 days after baby's birth) and a 20% discount in all my services